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Really Good Skincare

Gift Set Bundle


  • 2 oz Replenishing Face Serum
  • 0.5 oz Face Cream with Matcha Green Tea
  • 0.5 oz Coffee Eye Cream
  • 2 oz glass jar Organic Whipped Tallow Body Butter
  • 3.2 oz soap
  • 2.5 oz Natural Deodorant (or replace with a lotion bar)

Cover all your bases (or that of a loved one) by taking care of face AND body with the essentials.  For the body, a wonderful natural shea butter soap that you can follow with luxurious whipped tallow body butter and finish off with a healthy option for your pits as well to stay fresh.  All the while, take care of your face’s natural glow by using our Coffee Eye Cream to keep your eyes bright and puffy-free, then offering your skin a drink of good stuff with this amazing Replenishing Face Serum, followed by antioxidant-filled Matcha Face Cream with sun protective ingredients to help guard against sun damage and increased aging.  Give a complete gift of health!


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